1. Register online: Here!

2. Pick up your registration packet in Student Life (DAC 124) on November  8 or 9 from 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. to sign our paperwork and get your wristband and free coffee coupons.

3. Follow our social networks

       Twitter @stjservice and #100hours    

4. Start planning: You have a total of $27.49 for the entire 100 hours. That’s $0.27 per hour and broken down by day:

       Saturday, November 10 (16 Hours) = $4.32
       Sunday, November 11 (24 Hours) = $6.48
       Monday, November 12 (24 Hours) = $6.48
       Tuesday, November 13 (24 Hours) = $6.48
       Wednesday, November 14 (12 Hours) = $3.24

5. Saturday, November 10 @ 8:00a.m. | START THE PROGRAM

       Saturday Night: Log your meals here. 

       Tweet @ us and let us know how its going

6. Sunday, November 11 | FIRST FULL DAY

       Plan appropriately

       Sunday Night: Log your meals here. 

7. Monday, November 12

       Monday Night: Log your meals here. 

8. Tuesday, November 13 

       Tuesday Night: Log your meals here.

9. Wednesday, November 9 | LAST DAY!!

Come to our closing lunch at 12:00p.m. in DAC Org Lounge (RSVP on the registration form or email us at if you changed your mind.)

        Wednesday Night: Log your meals here. 


Document your experience!

Film a video with your smart phone and upload it to our FB Page or email it to us at

Tweet us throughout this experience @stjservice. Don’t forget to use #100hours!!